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Best Things to Do in Rome When You Only Have Three Days

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with over 9.7 million visitors per year. Considering how much culture, art, and history there is in one area, this isn’t surprising. There are numerous things to do when you’re in Rome. We don’t doubt that many of you would love to stay for weeks to explore Rome and take it all in.

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2021 Vatican City COVID Safety Guidelines & What You Need To Know

The world is slowly recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. And the jumpstarting of the economy has led many countries to open their doors again for tourism. Of course, the Vatican is one of the countries you can visit in 2021. Since Vatican City is open for travelers, we bring you everything you need to know about 2021 Vatican City COVID Safety Guidelines. Although The Vatican City is the world’s smallest country, it is jam-packed with historical significance, beauty, art, and power. Geographically, it borders Rome and sits west of the Tiber River. It has a land area of roughly 0.44 square kilometers and a population of barely 800 people. Even though the Vatican City formally exists only from 1929, it is a place of power, faith, and neoclassical grandeur for many years. It consists of numerous well-known sites. Like the St. Peter’s Basilica and Square, the Vatican City gardens, and the world-famous Vatican Museum. Despite its tiny size, the city has the 18th wealthiest nation per capita. With a GDP of $21,198. In fact, Vatican City’s rich history and current position set it unique from other tourist attractions.