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7 Best Places to Visit in Italy in Five Days 2023 Ultimate Guide

Italy offers so many attractions to see and exciting things to do while visiting it. Whether you want to explore charming villages on the Amalfi Coast, see the busy Grand Canal, take a trip across the southern coast, or just discover the breathtaking Rome. Every visitor can find something unique in this mesmerizing country that will make them come back again. To help you plan your vacation to this stunning Mediterranean destination, we selected the best places to visit in Italy!

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Why Booking a St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour is a Must-Do in 2023

Every month, millions of pilgrims and visitors visit St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, one of the world’s holiest catholic sites. This beautiful cathedral, built atop St. Peter’s grave, is a must-see for tourists to Rome and the best way to visit is to take St. Peter’s Basilica tour. The history of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome is perhaps as fascinating as the structure itself. It took almost 100 years to reconstruct the original Basilica after it was destroyed. Some of the most prominent architects of the time contributed to its design.