vatican museums tourists
vatican museums tourists

Visit Vatican Museums – Everything you need to know 2023

If you’re traveling to Rome one thing that should be on your list of things to do is visiting the Vatican City, especially the Vatican Museums. We bring you a full guide on everything you need to know before visiting the iconic Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. From opening hours, the best time to visit, to the dress code, and useful tips to make the best out of your Vatican Museum visit.

Vatican Museums 2023 – Best Tips

Vatican City is one of the most sacred locations to Christians across the world, which makes it one of the most visited locations when traveling to Rome. Over 5 million people visit the Vatican every year, so it’s key you come prepared. Before visiting we recommend reading a little bit about the Vatican Museums, by doing so it will be much easier to know how to get around.

Vatican Museums are a group of galleries located inside the Vatican City, the museum consists of 54 galleries, and it holds one of the most impressive collections in the world. And it’s definitely worth seeing it for yourself. So, if you’re planning to visit this iconic museum, keep on reading our insightful guide containing everything you need to know before exploring Vatican Museums.

Plan Ahead!

Our number one tip before visiting Musei Vaticani is to properly plan ahead. 

The best way to prepare for a visit to Vatican City and the Vatican Museums while visiting Rome, Italy, is to plan ahead. Read up on the best tips for visiting the Vatican City, and explore the best tour and ticket options available for the Vatican Museums. That way you’ll get the most out of your visit!

Best Time To Visit

The best time of the day to visit the Vatican Museum is early morning. If you want to avoid huge crowds we recommend you avoid visiting the Vatican City on weekends and Wednesdays. The Pope holds a papal audience every Wednesday and the whole Vatican tends to get crowded.

Another great time to visit the museum is late afternoon, right before the closing hours. Just make sure you’ll have enough time to see everything you want to see inside the Vatican Museums.

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How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Vatican Museums?

The cost of your Vatican Museum visit will depend on the ticket or tour you have booked. You can purchase a Skip-the-line Vatican Museums Ticket online for around €20. Or you can go on a small group Guided Tour of Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel, which will cost you around €45.

How to Enter the Vatican Museums?

You do not need to show a passport or any other identification document to enter the Vatican City. But if you want to visit attractions within an independent state like the Vatican Museums, you’ll need to buy Vatican attraction tickets or book a Vatican tour.

There are two entrances to the Vatican Museums. The first one is located on Via Della Conciliazione. We recommend using this entrance if you are starting your Vatican City visit by seeing St Peter’s Basilica.

The second entrance is on Viale Vaticano, if the first stop of your Vatican visit is the museum use this entrance.

How to Get to the Vatican Museums?

BUS: Get on bus 49 and get off at Viale Vaticano. The Vatican Museum’s Arch will be right in front of you. Alternatively, you can take buses 492 or 990 and get off at the Via Leone IV stop, 5 minutes from the Vatican Museum entrance.

TRAM: Take the Tram 19 that stops at Piazza del Risorgimento. From there on, it will take you about 10 minutes to walk to the Vatican Museum entrance.

METRO: You can get to the Vatican Museum entrance via Metro Line A. The entrance to the museum is a 5-minute walk from here.

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How Long Does it Take To Visit Vatican Museum

Plan to spend at minimum 3-4 hours at the Vatican Museums. Most of the guided tours last around three hours, and even if you decide to go without a tour guide it will take you no less than two hours to just walk through the Vatican Museums.

What can you see inside the Vatican Museums?

The museum is full of masterpieces, sculptures, and art. Some of the highlights you can see inside the Vatican Museums are Raphael Rooms, the Pinacoteca, the Ethnological Museum, the Tapestry Gallery, and the Gallery of Maps. And of course, the world-famous Sistine Chapel, which is located at the end of the Vatican Museums.

Best Way To Visit Vatican Museums

The best way to visit Vatican Museums is by going on a small-group guided tour. Although, buying a ticket and exploring the galleries on your own will be a cheaper option, trust us, booking a tour is much more cost-effective in the long run. 

Viewing the Vatican Museums on your own can be quite overwhelming and confusing since there are so many galleries and exhibits inside the facility. That’s why it’s best to book your guided tour of the Vatican Museums online and in advance. That way you’ll truly be able to enjoy your visit and appreciate the art located in the 54 galleries of this incredible museum.


Skip the Line Entrance

  • Get into the Vatican Museums an hour before the general public and skip the long lines at the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

Sistine Chapel

  • Admire Michelangelo’s frescoes painted on the famous Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Vatican Museums

  • Explore the Vatican Museums with a knowledgeable tour guide.

What else you can visit in Vatican City?

There are several attractions you can see inside of the independent state – Vatican City. You can find a tour including all three main attractions inside of the Vatican – St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel. You can also book a tour of Vatican Grottoes and Underground which also includes the St Peter’s Basilica Dome.

While you’re visiting the basilica we recommend you stay a bit longer and watch the change of the Swiss Guard. Also, set some time aside and make sure to visit the Vatican Gardens.

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