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2021 Vatican City COVID Safety Guidelines & What You Need To Know

The world is slowly recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. And the jumpstarting of the economy has led many countries to open their doors again for tourism. Of course, the Vatican is one of the countries you can visit in 2021. Since Vatican City is open for travelers, we bring you everything you need to know about 2021 Vatican City COVID Safety Guidelines. Although The Vatican City is the world’s smallest country, it is jam-packed with historical significance, beauty, art, and power. Geographically, it borders Rome and sits west of the Tiber River. It has a land area of roughly 0.44 square kilometers and a population of barely 800 people. Even though the Vatican City formally exists only from 1929, it is a place of power, faith, and neoclassical grandeur for many years. It consists of numerous well-known sites. Like the St. Peter’s Basilica and Square, the Vatican City gardens, and the world-famous Vatican Museum. Despite its tiny size, the city has the 18th wealthiest nation per capita. With a GDP of $21,198. In fact, Vatican City’s rich history and current position set it unique from other tourist attractions.

Vatican City 2021 Safety Guidelines – Coronavirus Travel Guide

All Vatican City tours are not just for the devout who wish to make a pilgrimage to the capital of the Catholic faith. Many tourists of varying backgrounds even flock to the holy city yearly to explore its centuries-old architecture, art, and culture. There are many things you need to know before visiting the Vatican City. In the light of keeping everyone safe while touring the holy city, tourists need to know the current safety and health protocols followed in the Vatican. We bring you the 2021 Vatican City COVID Safety Guidelines. Here are some minimum health requirements visitors need to follow when touring sites such as the Vatican museums: 

Temperature Check

All visitors to the museums will be subject to a temperature check with thermal scanners. 

Face Masks and Gloves

Both staff and visitors must use face masks and gloves throughout the Vatican City 2021 tour or while in public places. 

Social Distancing

You need to maintain an interpersonal distance of more than a meter at all times. Visitors can not gather next to artworks and artifacts. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if guards are monitoring public areas making sure that everyone strictly follows the social distancing rules. Throughout the opening hours, a medical team from the Vatican’s Health and Hygiene Department and Italy’s Misericordia Volunteer Group standby to ensure that all required medical measures are in place.

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Vatican City 2021 Tour Itinerary

There are many things to do around Vatican City. Here are some of the most famous tour activities today:

Explore the Historic Vatican Grottoes

Be sure to see the Vatican Grottoes. Grottoes are a vast underground cemetery below St. Peter’s Basilica where the remains of several popes and saints are buried. Did you know that there are 91 popes buried in the area since the 10th century. 

Tour the Ancient Secret Passageways Called Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo is a tall cylindrical structure in Parco Adriano, located outside Vatican City. Mausoleum of Hadrian is another name for the Castel Sant’Angelo. This ancient passageway used to be a stronghold by the popes and their treasury in an attack. This 800-meter long passageway, Passetto di Borgo, used to be hidden from the public for many years. Tourists need to get tickets in advance as walk-in-visitors can’t get in. 

Explore Necropolis, The City of the Dead

Another tourist destination located underneath St. Peter’s Basilica is the Necropolis. Lying 10 meters below the Vatican Grottoes. After extensive excavation and restoration, the site is now a museum. You also need to book tickets in advance to visit the city of the dead – another name for the Necropolis.  

See the Remains of the Roman Empire by Visiting the Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the world’s seven wonders. It is the world’s most famous and largest arena to house 70,000 people. Erected by the Flavian emperors, the Colosseum is a gift to the Roman people and holds events like gladiatorial contests.  In its 400 years, it is believed that 400,000 people have died within its walls. Visiting Rome without seeing this ancient relic is like traveling to Italy and not having gelato!

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Mail a Postcard to Your Loved Ones from the Vatican Post Office

Aside from pictures and memorabilia, one of the best proof that you’ve been to the Vatican is to send a postcard. Mail a postcard to yourself or your loved ones from the Vatican Post Office. You can even send souvenirs and pictures to friends and family, which might encourage them to take a Vatican City tour themselves. 

Vatican City 2021 Tour Guide

The very best time to visit Vatican City is now! Peak seasons for tourists before the pandemic were around March to October. But budget travelers prefer to come in the colder months, from late November to February. There were over 25,000 tourists who flocked to the Vatican daily before the pandemic hit. That’s why it is advisable to book your travel now. In contrast, the number of tourists still has a limit due to travel restrictions.  We advise that you book your Vatican City 2021 tour in advance. Find the best tickets and travel agency to assist you in securing tickets. They will also help you find out when the Vatican Museums are open for viewing.  Are you dreaming of exploring Vatican City? At Vatican Tours, we are here to give you an incredible experience of touring the Holy City with the best deals. Explore centuries of art, culture, and history with our excellent guides. It is an experience of a lifetime, so book a Vatican City tour with us today!

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