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About Vatican Angels and Demons Tour

Explore Rome on a guided four-hour tour following Robert Langdon's path in Dan Brown's best-selling novel "Angels and Demons". Visit all the key locations in the Eternal City, including the Santa Maria della Vittoria Church and the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and St. Peter's Basilica. You'll be able to uncover the secrets of these iconic locations, including Castel Sant'Angelo, the Illuminati's gathering place. Join our small group and enjoy a blend of literature and history with a knowledgeable local guide.


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Find the clues at historical sites such as the Vatican, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Castel Sant'Angelo as you pursue the Illuminati - a secret society of scientists seeking revenge against the Catholic Church for past persecutions. Experience a thrilling combination of mystery and iconic Roman landmarks.


See the locations of Altars of fire, water, earth, and air throughout key landmarks in Rome and the Vatican.


Discover the fascinating and historically significant secret passage to the Vatican at Castel Sant’Angelo. The Passetto di Borgo, constructed by Pope Nicholas III in 1277, is an 800-meter tunnel connecting the castle to Vatican City. This passage has been important for popes, such as Pope Clement VII, who used it to escape during attacks like the Sack of Rome in 1527.

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Informative and fun experience!

This was a very interesting tour. Our family watched the movie, so we were really looking forward to seeing all the locations. The tour guide was excellent. She was so patient with our group, including the children, and tried her best to answer all our questions. Santa Maria della Vittoria Church is truly beautiful. We really enjoyed the whole experience.


Perfect tour for mystery fans!

Loved the tour! I am a fan of Dan Brown and was looking forward to this tour. It was very well organized. We booked online, and it all worked well. I liked the small group setup. The highlight was definitely seeing the secret passage in Castel Sant'Angelo. All in all, the experience was worth the money. I can recommend this tour to both fans and non-fans. I will watch the movie again with different eyes.



Vatican Angels and Demons Tour

The Angels and Demons Tour is an interactive guided walking tour in Rome inspired by Dan Brown’s famous novel. The tour includes following the trail from the best-selling book through the Vatican and Rome and visiting the key sites.


In the novel, the Altars of science are key to the story. The Illuminati created these Altars to represent the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They are hidden in different locations in Rome, known as the Path of Illumination. Each location has a clue and an Illuminati symbol, which hold special meanings only understandable to those considered worthy of their knowledge.


Your thrilling 4-hour journey to uncover the secrets of the Illuminati starts at the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, the place where the third cardinal was found dead and was marked with the word “fire.”


After that, visit the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, located on the site of an ancient cemetery. Inside, you will find the Chigi Chapel, which houses the sculpture of Habakkuk and the Angel. This sculpture points to your next destination.


You will also visit St Peter’s Square at the Vatican, a significant location in the tour. Here, you will discover the Altar of Air, which shows an angel blowing air on the round slab on the ground. This is also where the second dead cardinal was found.


An expert guide will show you important sites in the ancient city center, such as Republic Square, the Pantheon, and Navona Square. At Navona Square, you'll learn how Langdon found the last cardinal marked with "water." You'll also see the Fountain of the Four Rivers, which has four river gods and an obelisk with a dove at the top pointing towards Castel Sant’Angelo.


From Navona Square, you’ll head towards the Castel Sant’Angelo, a secret gathering place of the Illuminati, where the journey ends. Your guide will tell you more about the Passetto, a hidden passage that leads to Vatican City.

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Vatican Angels & Demons Tour

Vatican blocked "Angels & Demons" filming

Filming for the movie took place in Rome and at the Sony Pictures Studio after the Vatican forbade filming within its grounds due to objections from Roman Catholic Church officials who found it offensive. As a result, scenes set in Vatican churches were recreated at Sony. The Caserta Palace replicated the interior of the Vatican, while the Biblioteca Angelica served as the setting for the Vatican Library. Despite restrictions, many scenes were shot on location in Rome, including at iconic sites such as the Pantheon and St. Peter's Square.

Good to know before you go

  • Remember, this is a walking tour, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes. This tour isn’t suitable for people with mobility issues or those using wheelchairs.
  • Some religious sites require covered knees, shoulders, and back.
  • Be aware that security checks at some locations may cause delays in entry.
  • Don’t bring large bags or backpacks to avoid entry problems.
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Meeting point

Meet your guide in front of Church Santa Maria della Vittoria via Venti Settembre, 17, 00187 Rome.

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FAQ – Vatican Angels and Demons Tour

Do I need to book a Vatican Angels and Demons Tour in advance?

We recommend that you secure booking your tour in advance to ensure you see all the important sights. Our tour provides you with the flexibility to book now and pay later. Plus, you can get a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours in advance.

Is there a dress code for the Vatican Angels and Demons Tour?

Since the tour includes visits to religious sites like the Vatican, we recommend modest clothes. Shoulders and knees should be covered.

Can I take photos during the Vatican Angels and Demons Tour?

Taking photos is allowed at most sites. However, be respectful of any specific restrictions, especially inside religious sites like the Vatican.

What should I bring with me on the Vatican Angels and Demons tour?

Bring your ID, comfortable shoes, a water bottle, and weather-appropriate clothing.

What else should I visit in the Vatican?

While visiting the Vatican, make sure to go to the Vatican Scavi Tour to see the tomb of Saint Peter and other Catholic popes. Additionally, the Vatican Gardens Tour is a must if you wish to explore the beautiful English, Italian, and French gardens. Finally, don't miss St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums for their incredible art collections and history. Each of these tours and visits provides a different aspect of the Vatican's rich history, art, and culture.

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