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Why Booking a St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour is a Must-Do in 2024

Every month, millions of pilgrims and visitors visit St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, one of the world’s holiest catholic sites. This beautiful cathedral, built atop St. Peter’s grave, is a must-see for tourists to Rome and the best way to visit is to take St. Peter’s Basilica tour. The history of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome is perhaps as fascinating as the structure itself. It took almost 100 years to reconstruct the original Basilica after it was destroyed. Some of the most prominent architects of the time contributed to its design.

If you are considering a trip to Rome, you must not miss St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour. The Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums are all located in Vatican City.

Each structure element has its tale to tell, showing you the significance of Roman art and history. If you’re new to town or don’t know much about the site, a St. Peter’s Basilica tour is your best choice. Explore this incredible structure, and learn about its history with one of our expert local guides.

Why You Should Take a Guided St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour

Michelangelo, the master artist, created the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s one of the highest points in Vatican City, offering breathtaking panoramic views. This tall Dome’s façade is stunning, but the inside is spellbindingly gorgeous, decorated with vivid mosaics and rich stucco decorations.

It should be noted that a regular St. Peter’s Basilica tour does not include access to the Dome. You must purchase tickets that mainly provide a dome tour.

Here are some of the reasons why you should book a Dome Tour:

1. See Christianity’s Holiest and Most Important Church

Explore St. Peter’s Basilica from top to bottom with a knowledgeable guide and a small group of 15 or fewer individuals. This is the most personal and thorough St. Peter’s Basilica tour available, ideal for those who appreciate outstanding architecture and breathtaking cathedrals. 

Our guides will show you Basilica’s history and point out the intricacies that make it a masterpiece. You’ll travel from the floor to the Dome, Pietá to the baldachin, and everything in between.

2. Enjoy a Breathtaking View of Rome from St. Peter’s Basilica Dome

The Dome can be seen from many locations across Rome. Still, when you approach the Basilica, you’ll realize how big and beautiful it truly is. 

Visitors may ascend to the top of the Dome and enjoy breathtaking views of Rome. The stairs up have about 500 steps in a relatively dark and tight stairwell. This might seem a little claustrophobic at times, but remember that the sights will make it all worthwhile.


3. Experience Michelangelo’s Genius Up Close

While several artists contributed to the grandeur of Saint Peter’s Basilica, including Bramante, Bernini, and Raphael, only Michelangelo constructed the beautiful Dome. Surprisingly, he began this endeavor at the age of 71. When Michelangelo died in 1564, his apprentice successfully carried on his project, completing the Dome in 1590.

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For everyone who likes art, architecture, and beautiful cathedrals, this is a one-of-a-kind event that will be the highlight of your holiday. Enjoy the St Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour experience to the utmost by hiring a local expert guide to accompany you, so you don’t have to worry about ticketing lines, restrictions, where to go, etc. All while learning fascinating stories and information about what you’re seeing.

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