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Best Things to Do in Rome When You Only Have Three Days

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with over 9.7 million visitors per year. Considering how much culture, art, and history there is in one area, this isn’t surprising. There are numerous things to do when you’re in Rome. We don’t doubt that many of you would love to stay for weeks to explore Rome and take it all in. 

However, we understand that many of you may not have that much time on hand. That is why we thought it would be helpful to prepare a brief guide on the best things to do in Rome when you only have a couple of days for your visit. If this is something that you have interest in, read on for a day-to-day guide on what to visit and things to do in Rome when you only have three days!

Things to do in Rome – Day 1

On your first day, we suggest seeing as much of the area as you possibly can. Get familiar with the city and explore the ways of getting around Rome. Not only will you be able to visit the most notable spots more efficiently, but it’s also a great way to figure out what to do in the following days.

Now, you’ll be glad to know that Vatican City tours and Vatican Museum tours are available every day. You need to pick a date and time that works best for you. These Vatican City tours are great as they take a deep dive into the history and culture of Vatican City. Not to visit Vatican while in Rome is just like not taking Acropolis tour while in Athens.

Aside from the Vatican City tours, you’ll also want to make it a point to visit the Colosseum. This structure is a historical marvel and is the epitome of Roman engineering and architecture. While you’re at the Colosseum, we suggest passing by the Arch of Constantine, Rome’s most significant ancient triumphal arches. 

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Things to do in Rome – Day 2

Now that you’ve checked out the most notable spots in Rome and have taken the time to appreciate its history, it’s time to start to get to know the culture. One of the best ways to get to know Rome is to explore the area as much as you can.

We suggest starting your day by having a cappuccino at Caffé Sant’Eustachio. This cafe is one of the oldest and most famous cappuccino and espresso shops in the city of Rome. It’s world-famous for its home-roast beans blended with water from Rome’s ancient aqueducts. When it comes to authentic Italian coffee, it is almost impossible to to find a place better than this.

After you’ve had your coffee, why not make your way to the Trevi Fountain. It’s been a tradition to toss a few coins into the fountain as it assures that you’ll someday be back in Rome. Do note that this place can get rather crowded, so it’s best to go early and beat the rush of people.

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Things to do in Rome – Day 3

On your last day, we suggest taking a more relaxed approach when it comes to exploring Rome. Instead of following any guide, why not just wander around and get lost in the Eternal City. Getting lost in the city you’re visiting is a great way to discover new spots that may not even be in any tourist guidebook or on the internet. If you want to go the extra mile, why not ask a local for advice on where to go as they know Rome best.

Conclusion – Wonderful three-day stay in Rome

We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you make the most out of your three-day trip to Rome. Don’t worry if you feel like you didn’t get to see everything you wanted to see. You can always plan another trip when you have more time on your hand. And explore and experience more of Rome during your second visit to the Eternal City. 

Things to do in Rome – Vatican City

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