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Exploring Interesting Historical Facts About Rome

Adventurers and thrill-seekers who want to fly towards the part of the world brimming with ancient history can find timeless beauty in Rome. The “Eternal City” was built on centuries worth of Renaissance architecture, prodigal artistry, and deep-seated religion.  

In between the awe-inspiring, gothic structural wonders and empowering culture are fun-filled activities that any traveler would love. Beyond the majesty of the Colosseum, the romantic moment of throwing silver coins in the Trevi fountain, and the picturesque experience of sitting on the Spanish steps. What else does Rome have to offer? 

Let’s unearth some of the lesser-known historical facts about Rome. That way, you’ll be able to explore them with a more open mind as you traverse ancient ruins in the Eternal City.  

Uncovering Historical Facts You Didn’t Know About Rome

1. Did You Know that the Colosseum was a Housing Complex for People in the Middle Ages

This worldwide recognized icon has been the symbol of Rome since the Middle Ages with its 2,000 years of history. Before the Colosseum reached its powerful imagery, it served as a castle, cemetery, and then a space for housing people during its earlier years.  It was a center of life just like Parthenon in Athens.

The heart of the Colosseum was a stunning courtyard-like structure. Its stables, workshops, and even sewage pipes allowed people to find an oasis. An earthquake in 1349 encouraged the Roman community to seek shelter elsewhere, leaving the Colosseum as a legendary landmark that has seen life evolve through the years. 


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2. Buried Beneath the Traditional Walls of the City Hides an Underground Tunnel Lined with Skeletons

Adventurers who want to unearth Rome’s deepest mysteries can explore the city’s oldest catacombs, which lay in the burial tunnels lining outside the traditional walls. Going down the tombs will transport you to a world as old as the first century. The Jewish community built the tunnels where it now holds hundreds of thousands of skulls and bones.  

3. One Mystery Solved: The Secret Passage Out of the Vatican Exists

For years, people talked about the enigma about the secret passageways mentioned in Dan Brown’s novel, Angels and Demons. It spoke of the Passetto di Borgo, a long, winding passage that leads out of the Vatican city as an escape route for Popes.  

You might be surprised to find out that the 800-meter long corridor is real! It’s a passageway reserved for religious figures in the Vatican only. 

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The Bottom Line: Witnessing the Artistic Vision and Vibrancy of the Vatican

The Vatican City is rich with centuries of art, culture, and history. Making it one of the best destinations for exploring one of the world’s stunning wonders. Whether you’re flying over to experience its deep religion, marvel at the unprecedented craftsmanship of its architecture. Or traverse through its endless attractions. Taking a Vatican tour is a must on anyone’s bucket list!  

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